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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How to Open a Saving Account in the HDFC Bank?

How to Open a Saving Account in the HDFC Bank?

Hey friends, if you don't have an account and you wanted to open an account in Private Bank named HDFC than you are visited in the right place. If you concern about your facility in the bank and you are looking for the detail of this bank so mention not, we are here to give you detail. We will talk about how to open the Saving Bank account in HDFC Bank, steps to open a bank account and the most important thing detail of the Bank. Let's start with the detail of the bank.

How to Open a Saving Account in the HDFC Bank?



HDFC Bank Ltd. is an Indian banking and financial service company. It is a private sector bank headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Its employees that are estimated in June 2019 are numbered 104,154. It has ranked 60th in 2019 in the
Brands of Top 100 Most valuable Global Brands. It has the distribution of network was at 5,130 branches across 2,764 cities. 
What are the eligibility criteria to Open
Saving bank account in the HDFC Bank?
    the applicant should be a citizen of their own country.
    The applicants should be 18-year and above to become eligible to open a bank account in the HDFC bank. Except in the minor account opening in the minor account, the parent can open an account on the behalf of the applicant by providing KYC documents of their own.
    The applicant will be required to submit KYC documents providing their identity and address proof along with the account opening form.
    After the completion of the form process applicant should deposit an initial amount in the account.
Document requirement in the opening account is as follows:
    Proof of identity - Aadhaar card, PAN Card, Driving license, Passport, Voter's ID card.
    Proof of Address - the Electricity bill,
DL, Aadhaar card, passport visa, Ration Card, Bank statement or passbook (not more than 3 months), Voter's ID card, Rent Agreement.
    PAN Card.
    Form 16(if the PAN card is not available).
    Teo the latest passport size photograph for the form that you are going to fill.
What are the steps to Open Saving Account in the HDFC Bank?

    Visit any branch of the bank along with KYC documents if you are going to open the account offline. If you want to open the account online then visit the website portal of the bank and choose saving accounts from the product section.
    Ask for the form to the executive to open an account in offline mode. In online mode choose saving account of your choice and click on the apply online button.
    Fill the form carefully according to the KYC document and all the detail should be filled to avoid rejection in offline mode. Same as offline mode form should be filled in online mode also.
    Submit the form along with KYC documents that are required in both cases online and offline.
    after the submission executive verify details with your KYC document in offline mode. An agent of the bank will come to your doorstep to verify your KYC documents with your detail in online mode.
    After the completion of this process, the executive will provide you all the documents related to the bank in both cases.
If all the processes are completed by your and bank executive side and you have received the required documents from the bank, congratulation you became the member of this bank enjoy the facility and do the transaction.

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